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Accessibility at Denver Startup Week

Denver Startup Week is committed to inclusivity, accessibility and equality at each of our events. In 2019, we have partnered with Spectrum, Polsinelli, AudioFetch, and LinguaBee for their expertise and guidance to serve participants who are hard of hearing, deaf, visually-impaired, blind, and/or mobility-impaired.

Resources for participants who are hard of hearing:

Our in-kind sponsor AudioFetch will provide a portable PA system that transmits sound from the speaker’s microphone to any audience member’s personal phone via mobile app. This technology will be available during the Kickoff Celebration and headline events at Basecamp, powered by Chase Ink.

For information on how to use AudioFetch services during Denver Startup Week, please email us and we will respond with instructions. 

We recommend downloading the app prior to the event.

Resources for participants who are deaf:

DSW Partner LinguaBee will be providing American Sign Language interpreters at the Kickoff Celebration and select Basecamp, powered by Chase Ink. events, including Stronger Toget(her) Sponsored by Chase Ink.

We will also have interpreters at the following sessions:

To inquire about LinguaBee ASL interpreter services, please email us with your proposed schedule.* Please note: September 2 is the deadline to request interpreter services.

Resources for participants who are blind:

Denver Startup Week will have volunteers at select events to help with navigation and written materials for participants who request assistance.

To inquire about volunteer assistance, please email us with your proposed schedule.* Please note: September 2 is the deadline to request assistance.

Additional resources for participants requesting accommodation:

80+ venues have been instructed to reserve front row seating for participants who request it and asked to pay attention to the accessibility of the venue for people with disabilities.

Presentations will be requested from speakers after the conclusion of Denver Startup Week and will be posted on our website.


Spectrum will provide guidance on best practices for inclusive and accessible presentations during speaker training.

Polisinelli has helped guide DSW organizers on how to provide further accommodation and accessibility for participants.  

AudioFetch will provide hearing assistance technology at select events.

LinguaBee will provide ASL interpreters at select events.

Informing our organizers:

Our volunteers will receive training materials and guidance on how to best provide accommodation to participants who request assistance.

Our speakers will be trained during speaker orientation on how to be inclusive and thoughtful presenters during Denver Startup Week, provided by Spectrum.

Our venue hosts will receive guidance on how to best set up presentation space to provide access throughout the event, provided by Spectrum.

Please email us with any questions, along with your request for accommodation and proposed event schedule.*

*While Denver Startup Week is committed to providing reasonable accommodation, we rely on our sponsors and in-kind partners to provide fulfill request for services. Therefore, we may not have the capacity to honor every individual request.

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