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Friday, Sep 20
12:00pm — 1:30pm
Larimer Social
257 attending

The Future of Denver’s Immersive Arts & Entertainment

Over the past year, Denver has made is mark on the immersive arts scene with dozens of unique experiences in theater, visual arts, interactive games, and haunted attractions. With the rapidly expanding market for experiential events and immersive entertainment, what can we expect in the years to come? Join our panel of immersive artists, escape room designers, and haunt experts as they discuss the future of immersive entertainment in Denver. The panel will feature:

Lonnie Hanzon, Thematic Designer and Visual Storyteller (Moderator) - Lonnie has made a career out of being a master storyteller through his art installations. He has amazed clients from Neiman-Marcus to HGTV to the State of Colorado with his transformative, magical creations. Today, Lonnie is using his nearly four decades of art experience and his absorbing, all-around-you aesthetic into the experiential realms of immersive theatre: the type of show you literally step into and walk around in. 

Arianna Guzman, Owner and Game Designer at Time To Escape - Arianna’s passion for storytelling is demonstrated by her uniquely immersive escape room experiences. She is the owner and designer at Time To Escape, one of Denver’s newest immersive game venues. Before joining the Denver immersive scene she created pop up installations and interactive art in Orlando for Shine Shed Art Collective as well as Creative City Project. Arianna also hosts Puzzled Pint, a monthly gathering for puzzle enthusiasts to solve team challenges.

Michael Edwards, Operations Manager at Terror in the Corn – Michael has worked in the Haunted Attraction Industry for nearly 30 years. He has managed, acted, trained actors, and built sets for Haunted Verdun Manor (now Thrillvania), Screams Haunted Theme Park, The Haunt House, Dark Hour, and Dan’s Haunted House.  In 2018, he accepted a full-time position at Terror in the Corn (located at Anderson Farms, one of the largest Agritainment venues in Colorado). He can also be seen in the webisode series, “A Haunter’s Life” and is a featured speaker at Industry Tradeshows across the country, enjoying every opportunity to share his knowledge with others.

Amber Blais, Producing Director for Rainbow Militia - Amber dreams of one day growing wings and learning how to fly. A Colorado native, she has worked in PR and marketing for non-profits throughout Colorado for over 15 years and has worked hard to showcase the incredible talent of Denver artists for over 8. She has been practicing the circus arts for as long as she can remember, with fabric as her favorite apparatus and tarot as her favorite thing to do on the ground. She has trained at Frequent Flyers Productions Aerial Program in Boulder, CO, is aerial teacher certified (for those of you curious about trying it yourselves), and has performed and taught all over the country. She thrives most when she is able to perform with live musicians. One of her favorite collaborations was with Chimney Choir at the Levitt Pavilion in a space themed circus extravaganza.