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  • Aug 16, 2019

    Accessibility at Denver Startup Week

    Social Events
  • Designer

    Universal Design Panel

    Technology advances like Voice Assistants (Siri and Alexa) and larger text (found in your phone’s accessibility setting) are examples of interactio...

  • Designer

    Doing Good with Design Thinking: The Threequel

    Four in ten Americans don’t have the cash on hand to cover an unexpected $400 medical expense. This despite record low unemployment and a booming e...

  • Designer

    IMPROV-ing Creativity, Communication and Ideation through Play

    This session focuses on the power of collaboration and fostering an open space for people to freely express their ideas, without judgement, to cont...

  • Designer

    Redesigning Agriculture – How Urban Farming, CSA's and Beekeeping, Save Your Carrots and Feed the Community

    With developing technology, small scale farming is being integrated into urban living. Urban agriculture enables people to eat “local”, helps build...

  • Designer

    Trout Tank: CPG Pitch Event

    Denver is at the forefront of food industry innovation with a growing community of packaged food and beverage entrepreneurs. The Denver Metro Smal...

  • Designer

    Made On Purpose

    <a href="">Carol Cone</a> is internationally recognized for her work in Purpose and CSR. She is a sought-after speak...

  • Designer

    Keynote // THE EXPERIENCE ECONOMY: The Business of Bankable Moments

    74% of Americans prioritize experiences over products or things. Nationally, it’s estimated that consumers are spending $160 to $180 billion annual...

  • Designer

    Networking for Introverts

    Choose your own adventure while genuinely connecting with others in a fun and comfortable environment. Experiences include: storytelling for your b...

  • Designer

    The Story of Your Life: How to Write a Rockstar Résumé and Have Fun While Doing It

    Writing your résumé doesn’t have to suck. Cliff Flamer is literally the World’s Best Résumé Writer, and he’s making a trip out from Silicon Val...

  • Designer

    Nod to your people: Designing an app to tackle loneliness on college campuses.

    Loneliness is on the rise in teens and young adults. Students at colleges and universities around the country are dropping out and citing social is...

  • Designer

    Pitching your Product with Purpose

    Brick and mortar vs online is always a hot topic for retailers and product based companies alike, but one thing is for sure: a great guest experien...