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Thursday, Sep 19
10:00am — 11:30am
Location TBA
435 attending

How CEOs Build High-Performing Sales Teams

“Here’s your laptop, now go sell!” Those are the famous words of a frustrated CEO who just can’t seem to get their sales team selling! They’ve tried hiring in and out of industry, paying recruiters, joining sales meetings and helping to “close business”, and everything in between. Some of them have given up and are back to selling the product & services themselves… others are still stuck managing a non-performing team. Wherever they are on the spectrum, they’ll LOVE this keynote and learn:

  1. How to BUILD a profitable sales engine with territories, market segmentation, sales activity plans, a sales playbook, comp models that incentivize high-performance, and a proven go-to-market strategy that will knock out the competition;

  2. How to HIRE A-level sales talent, not just the best available candidate, by learning how to define and source the ideal candidate play hard to get, and then screen them for their Selling Competencies and Sales DNA… only hiring those who can actually perform;

  3. How to DRIVE profitable revenue growth through fostering an environment of learning, training, coaching (not telling!), accountability, and motivation that drives quota-crushing performance.

Each attendee will walk away with an actionable plan to (re)build their sales department and reach new levels of profitability!