Frequently asked questions
Do you have a question about Denver Startup Week? You might not be the first. Check out our answers to Frequently Asked Questions.
  • Track listing and descriptions can be found on our About Page.

  • Our goal is to be a week of free and open events for the startup community, with costs generously covered by our sponsors, but we do realize that some events cost money to organize and may exceed our sponsorship dollars. Please contact us if you require a budget for your event and we will work with you. In the case of sponsorship coordinated by others, we ask that you notify us in advance to avoid potential conflict with other DSW sponsorship efforts.

  • The voting process makes Denver Startup Week a true community fueled event and encourages thousands of people to be a contributing part of building the week’s agenda. The community is encouraged to cast their votes for event and session ideas through July and organizers will announce the final events selected through the panel picker in mid-August.

  • The community is encouraged to submit session ideas every year for Denver Startup Week. There is a submission period in the spring of each year where we open the panel picker for session submissions.

  • Denver Startup Week is a community organized event. Sessions and events are organized by the community, voted on by the community and produced by the community. In addition, the Denver Startup Week organizing committee plans and hosts all keynote and headline events throughout the week.

  • All manner of sessions are welcome! In the past, individual or group presentations, panels, workshops, and social events have all worked quite well. Ideas focused on transferring knowledge to the community have the best chance of being selected, and we will give particular consideration to those that are unique, new or different. Pitches for a product or service will not be accepted.

  • You may vote for as many events as you want, albeit only once per event. Be sure to tell your friends and colleagues to vote too!

  • Not a problem. Denver Startup Week has multiple partnerships with local venues. Please submit your idea and if it is selected for the schedule we will work with you to arrange logistics.

  • Events take place throughout each day, beginning Monday morning through Friday afternoon. Each slot is scheduled for 90 minutes, with 30 minute breaks between sessions for venue changeover and attendee transit. Please note that 90 minutes is just a suggestion - it is not required to fill the entire 90 minutes. Many successful sessions consist of 60 minutes of programming followed by 15 minutes of Q&A.

    The available time slots are:

    • Breakfast: 8:00am - 9:30am
    • Morning: 10:00am - 11:30am
    • Lunch/Early Afternoon: 12:00pm - 1:30pm
    • Afternoon: 2:00pm - 3:30pm
    • Late Afternoon: 4:00pm - 5:30pm
    • Evening: 6:00pm - 8:00pm
  • Our tentative schedule is as follows:

    • April 3 - Panel Picker opens for submissions

    • April 29 - Call for submissions closes

    • May 2 - Public voting/feedback on submissions begins

    • May 18 - Public commenting and voting on submissions ends

    • July 18 - Schedule is announced and attendee registration opens

    • September 15 - Denver Startup Week kicks off!

    Please note that exact dates may be subject to slight change.

    We kindly request that all sessions be submitted through the Panel Picker within the CFP window. Due to the volume of session proposal received, we cannot guarantee consideration of submissions submitted through alternate means and/or after the close of the CFP. Additional events may be added at the organizers' discretion up until a few weeks before the event, but we cannot guarantee promotional or marketing support. Get your ideas in early!

  • Denver Startup Week is organized by a small group of committed, year-round volunteers in conjunction with the Downtown Denver Partnership.

  • Once a track chair has approved a submission for posting to the panel picker, the community will be able to vote and comment on their favorite proposals. The organizing committee will use the vote totals and comments to guide final selection and scheduling decisions.

    Track chairs reserve the right to withhold from public voting at their discretion any submission containing profanity, hateful or offensive language, or content that otherwise violates our Code of Conduct. Denver Startup Week is a community-driven event focused on knowledge sharing and relationship building. Sessions consisting solely of pitches for products or services will not be considered.

  • We're primarily looking for sessions that embody the goals and values of the week, provide real value to attendees, and promote the local community. We use a number of different criteria to evaluate sessions, including the appropriateness of the session to the goals of the week, the quality and thoughtfulness of the session description, the results of the public voting/commenting period, the overall balance of content for the week, the overall balance of speakers/companies represented during the week, and other factors.

    We also tend to get many session proposals covering similar topics. In those cases, we may either pick representative sessions or try to combine multiple sessions into a single panel. However, in many of these cases we do feel that it is important to open up the schedule to different speakers and topics than we’ve had in previous years in order to expand our audience and subject areas. Occasionally, this may mean that sessions with high vote counts from the public voting period are not selected for inclusion in the current year's program.
  • There are several reasons, but the the one thing that is consistent is that we all want to make Denver an entrepreneurial center supported by a strong community of entrepreneurs, investors, government, and education.

  • No. Denver Startup Week operates under the 501(c)(3) umbrella of Denver Civic Ventures. All sponsorship income goes towards covering costs for the week and/or for future editions of DSW.

  • Sponsorship information is available on our Sponsors page. You do not have to sponsor to organize a session, nor do we require sponsors to organize sessions. We could not produce an event the size or caliber of DSW without the generous support of our sponsors and we are extremely appreciative of any support to make the week the best it can be!

  • For general inquiries, we'd love to hear from you at

    For questions related to sponsorships, please email

  • Denver Startup Week has grown tremendously since its inception, and we are proud that the thousands of people involved have just as many different backgrounds and experiences. However, we have also found that as communities grow, our expectations of what is and is not appropriate are not always in line with one another. A code of conduct helps to clearly articulate these expectations so that we're all on the same page. It also clearly outlines all of our roles and responsibilities in ensuring that Denver Startup Week continues to be a safe and welcoming event for all who participate.

  • Our tentative schedule is as follows:

    • April 3 - Panel Picker opens for submissions
    • April 29 - Call for submissions closes 
    • May 6 - Public voting/feedback on submissions begins
    • May 20 - Public commenting and voting on submissions ends
    • July 31 - Schedule is announced and attendee registration opens
    • September 16 - Denver Startup Week kicks off!
    Additional events may be added at the organizers' discretion until a few weeks before the event, but we cannot guarantee promotion and marketing. Get your ideas in early!
  • Why wasn’t my session chosen?

    This is a great question and sometimes hard to answer because frankly, rejection sucks. It sucks to be rejected and it sucks to reject people. The reality is only 30% of sessions are chosen so that means we, unfortunately, have to reject 70% of sessions submitted. You can ask any committee member, this is our least favorite part of the process.

    There could be several factors as to why your session wasn’t chosen.

    • There were too many similar sessions to yours and another was chosen instead
    • It felt like something was being sold instead of focusing on transferring knowledge to the community
    • The relevance of the session topic to the goals of the week
    • The quality and thoughtfulness of the session submission
    • Votes aren’t everything but they have an influence
    • We didn’t think it would reach a broad enough audience
    • Or some other reason

    We truly appreciate the time and energy you put into submitting your session and would love to provide you with more options to be involved beyond submitting sessions. Please see some more options here!

  • If you have a general question, please feel free to hit us up via e-mail

    For specific inquiries, you may also contact a member of the organizing committee: