Denver Startup Week is produced by a dedicated volunteer coalition comprised of civic leaders, entrepreneurs, and community organizers. Staff from the Downtown Denver Partnership provide additional structure and support.
  • Tami Door
    Organizing Chair
  • Erik Mitisek
    Organizing Chair
  • Ben Deda
    Organizing Chair
  • Castle Searcy
    Strategic Advisor, Design
  • Jay Zeschin
    Strategic Advisor
  • Conor Swanson
    Strategic Advisor
  • Tom Wheeler
    Technology Chair
  • John Wilker
    Spotlight Track & Headline Events Chair
  • Patty Guimaraes
    Spotlight Track Co-Chair
  • Rob Anderson
    Sponsorship Activation Chair
  • Scotty Allen
    Product Track Co-Chair
  • Ryan Margoles
    Product Track Co-Chair
  • Anne Ready
    Product Track Co-Chair
  • Robert McFalls
    People Track Co-Chair
  • Emma Bindbeutel
    People Track Co-Chair
  • Andrea Watts
    Marketing Co-Chair
  • Chelsea Rosty
    Marketing Chair
  • Sarah Engel
    Maker Track Chair
  • Jake Cohen
    Growth Track Co-Chair
  • Craig Foldes
    Growth Track Co-Chair
  • Marcus Jimenez
    Founder Track Co-Chair
  • Olivia Omega
    Founder Track Chair
  • Lacey Hyde
    Developer Track Chair
  • Jason Belaire
    Designer Track Co-Chair
  • Esther Lee Leach
    Designer Track Co-Chair
  • Dianne Myles
    Community Chair
  • Kyle Long
    Volunteer Manager
  • Trevor Haag
    Program Assistant, Downtown Denver Partnership
  • Kate Barton
    Managing Director, Downtown Denver Partnership
  • Chantel Allbee
    DSW Manager, Downtown Denver Partnership
  • Pearl Zeschin
    Top Dog
  • Denali Cohen
    🐾 Pawlicy Advisor 🐾