2022 Schedule

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Tuesday, Sep 20
2:00pm — 3:00pm
Product Track Venue - 1125 Seventeenth Street
112 attending

“BUY NOW!“: eCommerce Design & Product Collaboration

How design and product can collaborate to meet user and business needs through user and targeted, iterative experimentation.

Purpose: Help software product development teams to unlock the power of layered quantitative and qualitative testing to better understand their users and drive effective business growth. Attendees will walk away with new insights on why both qualitative and quantitative information is important for improving ecommerce conversion along with benefiting from lessons learned in the trenches.

Agenda overview

  • AB testing data v user testing “why”
  • How we adapted the product-design-development process
  • Examples, tools, and lessons learned in the past year

Panelists include:

Charlotte Cunningham - Charlotte is a lifelong Denverite with a stint in Illinois where she studied Industrial and Product Design at the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign. With Crafted, Charlotte covers the gambit of UI/UX Design and always has a keen focus on user needs and wants.

Cole Capsalis - Cole is a Denver startup and product management junkie with stints at GoSpotCheck, Apto, and now Crafted Solutions. When he isn't obsessing over the intersection of user and business value, you better believe he's dreaming about it!

TJ Bowen - 10 years of software product development experience and passionate about quickly shipping software that’s valuable to the business and users.

Zach Wendt - With a background in engineering and technical content marketing, Zach runs a product experimentation team that designs, builds, executes, analyses, and iterates on over 100 targeted experimentations per year.

Zach Wendt
TJ Bowen
Cole Capsalis
Charlotte Cunningham