2022 Schedule

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Thursday, Sep 22
10:00am — 11:00am
Product Track Venue - 1125 Seventeenth Street
180 attending

From Concept to Product to Success

Having an amazing product idea gets you about 10% of the way to success. Perfect for the small or growing business looking to excel in product development, our panel discussion features businesses who have struggled through all the hurdles or prototyping, manufacturing, logistics, and sales launch as well as advice from product design companies, custom manufacturers and sales channels providers.

In addition to myself as a representative of a custom manufacturing services business, we would invite companies who developed physical products such as last year's physical product exhibitor UnSpilt, a product engineering services company, a government programs facilitating office such as Colorado Office of Economic Development and International Trade and/or non profit business advisory MiCasa, and a sales channel platform representative such as Amazon, Kickstarter or Kickfurther.

Ryan Shaffett
Frances Williams
Patrick Auell
Luke Tierney