2022 Schedule

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Tuesday, Sep 20
9:00am — 10:00am
Product Track Venue - 1125 Seventeenth Street
195 attending

So You’ve Stumbled Into Product: 5 Mindset Shifts to Make in Your First Year

Ask a person working in Product the story of how they got into this career, and they’ll probably tell you they went to school and started their early career doing something only tangentially related or completely unrelated to this field. And then, through some self-reflection and a little bit of serendipity, they found themselves interested in (or suddenly thrust into!) a Product or UX position. It felt like a calling – like an exact fit for their widely varied passions and skill set, like a chance to make a tangible positive impact on the world. If you’re new to the world of Product or trying to get your foot in the door, you aren’t alone – many have trod this path before you and have found success. You might find yourself trying to orient yourself in the right direction to be successful, wondering how you can leverage your existing experience and skill set in this challenging and exciting field, and just generally curious about how others got into Product and what has allowed them to be impactful in their early years. As with any job, there are numerous discrete skills needed to deliver solid outcomes in this space. But, more importantly, being in Product requires a certain unique mindset that can be a guidepost in this often challenging and constantly changing discipline. Join Kate & Amanda from SonderMind as we share some of the insights we’ve gained from our journey into Product management and design and lessons learned in our first few years in hopes that it will help you on your own unique path!

Kate Mills
Amanda Gaffney