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Tuesday, Oct 5
2:00pm — 3:30pm
Virtual Workshop
457 attending

Imposter Syndrome: Forging Your Personal Unique Value Prop

We all know that voice in our head that is often questioning our every move and telling us we are ‘not enough' or that we just don't belong - where ever it is we are. It’s not just your imagination. There is research to prove the voice is real, and 84% of entrepreneurs suffer from it. It is not a new concept, ancient philosophers also spoke of this inner critic - what we call 'imposter syndrome' today. In this workshop you'll walk away with the tools to recognize and manage imposter syndrome when it happens so that it no longer holds you back and actually helps you instead.

Presenters: Tara O'Brien and Ron Duren Jr. teach entrepreneurship, leadership and the neuroscience behind performance at the University of Colorado Boulder and for teams/corporations worldwide. Between the two of them; They've been a engineer, a pilot, a combat Air Force journalist, a bull-rider, CEO's, teacher, coaches, mentors, surfers and scuba divers, difficult conversation facilitators, vegabonders, entrepreneurs, public speaking fraidy-cats turned gurus, consultants and team dynamics problem solvers, they've failed...they've succeeded...and they know how imposter syndrome can creep into all of it. They also have some tools to manage it, which they know is a game changer and love to give out to as many people as they can.

Ron Duren
Tara OBrien
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