2021 Schedule

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Friday, Oct 8
11:00am — 12:00pm
Virtual Panel
290 attending

Mindset is Everything: Alignment, a Growth Mindset, and more.

Mindset is everything.

As a founder, you've already stepped into your growth mindset. If you're thinking about launching, let's talk about ways to get you more comfortable with growth from failure and trying new things. Boundaries, exercising "no", and creating headspace are all critical aspects to alignment, fulfillment, and performance. For women-identifying and those managing the household in this new WFH reality, creating space and boundaries becomes that much more critical to our mindset and overall wellness.

Stepping onto the yoga mat isn't enough. Let's talk about actionable ways to check in with yourself and how to create sustainable impact. Balance isn't about getting somewhere good and forgetting the process. It's about rebalancing. Boundaries are much easier to set than exercise.


  • Natalie Levy, Tech investor, and an investor in mindset


  • Rachel Bellinger, Mindful social entrepreneur, yogi and meditator, startup leader and mindful mama
  • Dr. Nicole Lippman Barile, Clinical Psychologist and certified Nutritional Therapy Consultant
  • Maureen Chiana, NeuroLeadership consultant, facilitator, speaker, and neurocoach
  • Gargi Agarwala, executive wellbeing coach, published author, and offers a deep yoga and meditation practice
Dane Lenz
Gargi Agarwala
Nicole Barile
Maureen Chiana
Rachel Bellinger
Natalie Levy
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