2021 Schedule

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Tuesday, Oct 5
11:00am — 12:30pm
Virtual Panel
344 attending

Building a Growth-Ready Business as a Soloentrepreneur

Giovana Bier of My Cats and Me Bookkeeping (a financial coach), Alycia Campbell of Creative PlanHer (an outsourcing expert), Carina Herman of LBC Design Co. (a marketing consultant), and Allie Moore of Creatives Learn Law (a small business lawyer), with Moderator Jenn Uhen of the Pledgettes bring to you this session is for freelancers and small business owners who are on their way to building something bigger. Solo entrepreneurs have to do it all in a world that's built for bigger and more complex businesses. Hear from professionals who specialize in serving solo entrepreneurs as they navigate steady growth paths share tangible advice for small business owners looking to build a sustainable, profitable, and joyful business.

Jenn Uhen
Alycia Campbell
Giovana Biet
Allie Moore
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