2020 Schedule

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Monday, Sep 14
12:00pm — 1:00pm
Virtual Panel
125 attending

Pandemic Capital Raising & Exits: Doable or Impossible?

Given the unparalleled Covid pandemic environment, financing and sustaining growth companies may be viewed as a challenge. For Founders and entrepreneurs, is it still a decent time to consider raising capital or exiting in such an environment or should entrepreneurs batten down the hatches?

Are seller valuations still attractive or do potential buyers turn the screws on entrepreneurs in such an atmosphere?

Our panel will draw upon insights from seasoned entrepreneurs and Venture Capitalists who will share their recent experiences in the fund raising and sale processes that are broadly applicable to entrepreneurs of all stripes, in all stages of their lifecycle.


Yancey Spruill, CEO @ Digital Ocean and former CFO @ SendGrid

Perry Rosenbloom, CEO & Founder @ Brighter Vision

Brian Wallace, Partner @ Access Ventures

Ben Frohlichstein, Co-CEO & Founder @ Cappello’s

Kate Barton
josh schneider
Adina Johnson Dinneen
Chantel Allbee
Brian Wallace
Yancey Spruill
benjamin frohlichstein
Perry Rosenbloom
Kevin McGuire
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