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Wednesday, Sep 16
11:00am — 12:00pm
Virtual Panel
305 attending

Finding Money for Founders

For bootstrapping founders, company finances and personal finances are deeply linked. In this panel, we’ll hearing from three venture-backed early stage founders about their personal and professional experience “finding money” in order to reduce burn-rate and extend both personal and startup runway--especially in the early days.

Nate Washington | CTO, Qoins (Atlanta, GA). An experienced entrepreneur, Nate is the cofounding CTO of Qoins, an automated micro-payment platform that uses your spare change to help individuals pay off debts faster. After rolling out personal financial coaching and advice on his platform, Nate is ready to share best practices and his personal experience "finding money" in order to extend run way. https://www.linkedin.com/in/nwashjr/

Erin Beck | CEO, Wana Family (Los Angelos, CA). Former SpaceX Dragon mission director, Erin founded Wana Family, the family-to-family babysitting exchange platform. Erin is committed to giving back to the start-up community and sharing her stories of the intersection of personal and professional financial life for founders. https://www.linkedin.com/in/erin-at-wana/

David Nohe | CEO, FinGoal (Lafayette, CO): Previously with Apple and a successful exit with Wellfit, David now leads a fintech start-up that provides a white-label service to financial brands. FinGoal uses AI to analyze consumer spending in order to provide advice on how to "find money." In this DSW session, he'll take present what they've learned in a participatory workshop where founders and aspiring founders can share their strategies for being scrappy and financially wise both with their personal lives and in their businesses. https://www.linkedin.com/in/david-nohe/
Jennifer Underwood | Writer and Advisor on Personal Finances @ Forbes (Boulder, CO). Jennifer is an experienced moderator and public speaker having spent the past seven years leading multiple live and virtual sessions on financial wellness and education in the community. https://www.linkedin.com/in/jenn-underwood/

Olivia Omega
Nate Washington
Erin Beck
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