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Monday, Sep 14
4:00pm — 5:00pm
225 attending

How To Fundraise Successfully During A Pandemic

COVID-19 has significantly changed the dynamics of startup funding, so what does the coronavirus pandemic mean for you as a startup founder raising money? How do you navigate this new landscape? Is funding drying up or are there new opportunities being created? What adjustments should you make to increase your chances of success? On this live and interactive event join entrepreneur and seed stage fundraising expert Will Sacks to learn what you can do as a founder to successfully raise seed financing in this environment. Will Sacks is a serial entrepreneur and founder of GetFunded, a fundraising accelerator for mission driven startups.

Shea Gerhardt, CEO of Buderflys, closed seed round during pandemic, www.buderflys.com
Souvik Paul, CEO of Cathbuddy, closed seed round during pandemic, www.cathbuddy.com

Olivia Omega
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