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Tuesday, Sep 15
1:00pm — 2:00pm
Virtual Panel
273 attending

Startup Communities, Complex Systems, Wicked Problems, and the Entrepreneur’s Journey

Brad Feld (Foundry Group & Techstars), Cheryl Kellond (Apostrophe Health), and Tom Higley (X Genesis & 10.10.10) talk about “complex systems,” startup communities, and wicked problems – and what they’ve learned about how entrepreneurs succeed.

Why is an understanding of “complex systems” so important for entrepreneurs, investors and startup communities? Brad Feld frames startup communities as complex systems that have as their primary purpose helping entrepreneurs succeed. Complex systems are also home to wicked problems, which represent massive opportunities for the right entrepreneurs. Cherly Kellond created Apostrophe Health to engage in hand-to-hand combat, tackling a wicked problem in the complex system that is healthcare. Through X Genesis & 10.10.10 programs,Tom Higley has been challenging entrepreneurs to tackle wicked problems via a learning community-driven approach.

Learn from Brad Feld, Foundry Group Founder, Techstars Co-Founder, Author; Cheryl Kellond, founder & CEO of Apostrophe Health; and Tom Higley, X Genesis & 10.10.10 Founder, Techstars mentor, and Global Startup Studio Network (GSSN) Advisory Board, as they share what they’ve learned about helping entrepreneurs succeed.

John Wilker
Pam Narowski
Brad Feld
Tom Higley
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