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Friday, Sep 18
9:00am — 10:00am
Virtual Workshop
561 attending

Don't F*** the Customer: How to Deliver More Value with Empathy

One of Atlassian's values is “Don’t f**k the customer”, but how does a company without a traditional sales team stay close to customers? And how can startups with limited resources do the same? In this workshop, you'll learn what happens when product teams throw away their roadmaps, get out of the building (metaphorically, not physically!) and talk to customers. Then, you'll take my teams' learnings and practice maximizing customer interviews, analyzing research and applying the results to your own roadmaps & long-term product strategy.

About the Speaker:
Ada Chen recently left Atlassian to start her own business, and her mission is to make the world a better place through leadership, empathy and driving cultural change. As a product strategist and team leader, she thrives on delivering an impactful customer experience that drives positive business outcomes.

As Product Marketing Lead for Atlassian’s Confluence Server and Data Center products, Ada worked closely with her product, engineering and design counterparts to help them focus, prioritize and set better goals, throughout the entire product lifecycle. Prior to joining Atlassian, she worked in startups and developed a specialty in bringing early-stage HR SaaS products to market.

Ada Chen
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