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Monday, Sep 14
4:00pm — 5:00pm
Virtual Panel
523 attending

Leveraging Data and Customer Feedback to Quickly Iterate Upon your Product

Do you ever wonder what to build? How do you know that if you build it, they will come?

In this session, we plan to dialogue with top local product professionals who launch new products into the market and leverage various inputs to quickly iterate and improve upon their product. This will be both a strategic and tactical discussion on how different product managers connect with their customers, correctly assess the customer's reactions/needs to the existing product, and then modify the product roadmap to maximize their product's value to the customer. Additionally, we will cover non-direct customer based feedback, primarily through data analysis, A/B testing, and other product tools, to assess a products effectiveness.

This is the perfect panel discussion for existing or aspiring product practitioners to learn about how to collect, assimilate, and incorporate customer feedback into their product strategy.

Panel Host:
Stephen Lepke | Stephen brings 10+ years’ experience building high tech protects ranging from data and analytics products to greenfield web applications. He currently runs the digital R&D product and engineering team at Arrow Electronics.

Jon Burns | Jon is founder of Modern Product, a product management services business that helps companies build better software more efficiently. He has contributed to 30+ product launches across multiple industries over 19 years. He’s a family-man first and tech-geek second.

Bergen Davell | Bergen is a Sr. Product Manager at Ibotta. She’s been around the block and has worked on mobile apps, websites, computer vision projects and is currently working with the platform team at Ibotta. Regardless of the problem space, Bergen thrives on building great products with the end customer in mind.

Andrea Gioia | Andrea is a Sr. Product Manager at Healthgrades, focusing on the API platform. She has extensive experience bringing products through the full life cycle development process. Her technical background lends well to intelligent, logical, thought provoking conversations that customers appreciate.

Stephen J. Lepke
Andrea Gioia
Bergen Davell
Jonathan Burns
Ryan Margoles
Thomas Lepke
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