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Wednesday, Sep 18
12:00pm — 1:30pm
Location TBA
228 attending

Micro Changes for Macro Impact: Influence At Any Level

Is your company’s culture at risk in the face of inevitable change and pressure to grow? Or worse, has it already taken a hit?

Company culture and character flow from the top down, but are changed (or sustained) at the grassroots level. Come learn how to take action and incite change in your organization regardless of your role - and whether you’re eyeing a seat on the executive team or not.

In this panel discussion, we’ll talk through:

  • Characteristics of a “Great Company”
  • Sustaining a positive culture through growth
  • Behaviors that influence and catalyze change
  • The importance of managing up
  • How (and why) to recognize and celebrate wins, regardless of size

Moderated by Carolyn Selheim-Miller, Software Engineer at Slack. Panelists Include:

Kelsey Stevenson, Director of Product at Bitly
Mallory Parker-Colón, Manager of Customer Success at Cloud Elements
Roberto Ortega, Principal Engineer at Seaspan Corporation
Sohpie Cummings, Senior UX Designer at Slalom Consulting