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Thursday, Sep 19
2:00pm — 3:30pm
512 attending

Your Company's Culture: Culture: How to Fix It, Find It, and Cultivate It

Do you have a culture plan for when your startup goes beyond the garage? How do you develop people that were with with you early, and blend the newcomers in your growth phase? Or, what do you do if you inherit a dysfunctional culture in an established company?

This session will focus on a critical element of any organization - the culture, and how to create a dynamic, supportive, challenging environment. Join Sarah Miller, Senior Director of People and Culture at Havenly, Aaron Bach, VP of Engineering at Four Winds Interactive, John Cox VP of Engineering at Angel MD, and Tyler Sparks, Chief Architect at Furos for actual case studies, best practices and methods. Matt Sodnicar from Furos will be our moderator. We’ll also take you through how to transform an existing culture in a more mature organization.

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Catalyst (3513 Brighton Blvd, 7th Floor Living Room )