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Monday, Sep 16
1:00pm — 2:30pm
114 attending

Hybrid Professionals Combine Multiple Job Titles- How Did They Figure Out Their Unique Professional Brand?

If you do more than one thing for work, then you ARE more than one thing, but how do you create a professional identity around that without sounding like a “master of none”? Hybrid professionals are a hidden segment of the workforce who deliver value by integrating their multiple professional identities, and the secret is getting out.

In this panel, you’ll hear from people who are hybrids and how they lead one-of-a-kind work because they’ve tapped into ways of combining their professional identities together. They’ll share stories as well as lessons on how they’ve leveraged their identities and created new ways to brand themselves that break conventional stereotypes and trends. If you’re a jack/jill-of-all-trades, a multi-talented professional, or are trying to figure out what differentiates your professional identity, this panel will fill you with a whole new vision of who you are in the workforce. www.morethanmytitle.com

Moderator: Dr. Sarabeth Berk, Director of Futurebound and creator of More Than My Title (artist/researcher/educator/designer)

Scott Shrake, Director- Institute for Entrepreneurship, Colorado State University
Keren Nimmo, Founder of Found(h)er
Erin Huizenga, Founder of Borough + Block
Brian Corrigan, Creative Strategist working at the intersection of creative economy/technology/community development

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