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Tuesday, Sep 17
12:00pm — 1:30pm
Location TBA
788 attending

The Secret to Success is to Harness Emotional Intelligence

Currently one of the most under appreciated aspects of the creative process is found in the basic human condition. There are many people who go through the normal process of elementary school thru university, then entering into the workforce. Very rarely do we take the time to look at why we think the way we think and how we got to where we are today. There is generally a lack of critical thinking and the ability for self evaluation/self management. However, the more that we look into this, the more that we learn that “past” life experiences of all levels contribute to how we perceive things and our levels of empathy.

Emotional intelligence really is a natural progression or development that comes out of various situations that we as Creative’s were exposed too during developmental and crucial learning periods of our lives.

The reason why emotional intelligence is so important to analyze and understand, is because of its effects on human and psychological development and the output it can have or create when it takes the form of creative processes.

More often, when people have certain situations that are hard to overcome during those formidable years, there is a chemical and psychological transformation that occurs that allows for a different level of sensitivity when looking at problems and or applying empathy as a driver for research or just inquisitive exploration.

I will explore how we as designers/creatives can start to understand our own emotional intelligence levels and how to use this to be better the local creative‘s who attend equipping us to think more critically and managing ourselves better.