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Monday, Sep 16
2:00pm — 3:30pm
Jake Jabs Center at CU Denver - 5th Floor (Laube Commons)
531 attending

Leveraging Your Personal Network to Develop a Thriving Business

Your personal network is one of your most valuable assets in business. We truly live in a world of “who you know”. Especially in a startup, Founders must continually build their network of mentors, friends, customers and advisors. Fostering strong, authentic relationships will be the catalyst for promoting your brand and gaining exposure, leading to greater sales. Learn how to build your network with the right kind of people. And, how this network helps your business to thrive.

Join Super-Connectors Jessica Stone--Partner at Vation Ventures, (formerly CEO and Founder of Konnexe, acquired by Vation Ventures), Joe Thurman--CEO and Founder of Jobber Group, UB Ciminieri--Chief Strategic Connections Officer of Jobber Group, and Hector Simoudis and Jonny Havey-- Co-Founders of VP Legacies, for a compelling panel on how to enrich your network in order to build a successful business.