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Friday, Sep 20
12:00pm — 1:30pm
Location TBA
227 attending

Dispelling Five Myths about Building and Growing a Sales Team: and How to Really Scale Up

Session Description:

The question of HOW to scale up is just as important as the question of WHEN for startups. This session will cover the HOW piece it and will shed light on some common myths about building your first sales organization and hiring your first sales team. The session will cover understanding your ideal customer profile, recruiting, and creating a sales culture in your new startup. This presentation is meant for Founders, Commercial leaders (sales & Marketing), and anyone interested in learning how to avoid common pitfalls when launching an early stage sales effort.

Ample street parking surrounding the building, or park in the attached garage off 26th Street for $4/hour. Once inside the front doors, head to the second floor by stairs or elevator.