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Friday, Sep 28
8:00am — 9:30am
Polsinelli - Longs Peak
172 attending

Startup-Check!, Product-heck yeah! Sales-WTH?

Fantastic Company, Fantastic Product, now let’s change the world by making some sales, right? 70% of all tech startups fail. One of the biggest challenges that these companies encounter is getting a sales team together, a team lead in the right direction, with the entire company on board.

Featuring a Bloody Mary Bar to get your Friday going after your late night out at Beta.

Our Panel discussion will cover various ways to establish your sales organization and sales processes.
The discussion will span the following topics around what works and what doesn't.

  • What is your addressable market?
  • What is your value proposition? Your ‘elevator pitch’?
  • Align your sales team with your culture.
  • Creating a repeatable process for success.


  1. Jen Aichele - Former Fractional CFO of Lyft
  2. Tamila Bauer- Former Chief Marketing Officer of Groove Auto Group
  3. Art Rancis, former VP of products, Ball Aerospace, member, Blackstone Advisory Group, Deming Center, UC Boulder.
  4. Jason Robbie, Co-Founder, New Age Experts. Has taken the company from 2 to 33 staff in two years.


  1. James Foy, Founder, Hispanics in Tech, 2018 Hispanic Chamber Volunteer of the Year, Sales Mentor
  2. Bob McNeil, 19 year Sales Professional & Founder, Colorado Technology Sales Roundtable,
  3. Samuel Elliott, Sales Professional & Finalist, CTA APEX Emerging Leader