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Friday, Sep 28
2:00pm — 3:30pm
Spaces - Denver Ballpark
335 attending

The Power of the Little Guy: Micro Influencers are Small but Mighty

Influencer marketing provides an authentic and unbiased perspective, that is highly relatable to your audience. Working with influencers is fun, real and downright effective. Not to mention, killer content is produced by these humans who bring with them a loyal and engaged following, one that is sure to be interested in your brand if it is suggested by their favorite account. Influencers are a crucial part of marketing your brand as a trustable and interesting entity, but not everyone can pay $10K for a single Instagram post.

So what is a savvy company to do?

The answer is: micro-influencers. This is a more affordable, niche-focused, and arguably just as effective, way to reach new audiences, and then turn this new audience into raging advocates.

Storytelling increases conversions. Micro-influencers drive more engagement, and hold better recommendation power. This session will delve into how you can use micro-influencers to tell your start-up company’s story and direct interest towards your brand. We’ll cover how to uncover these magical beings, what is a reasonable price point and how to negotiate.