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Tuesday, Sep 25
8:00am — 9:30am
Turing School
190 attending

Using Real Estate for Recruitment, Retention & Culture

High growth, means low unemployment and low unemployment means companies of all sizes must compete for their greatest asset…talent.

No longer is the office just a place to work. It is now a key factor in the recruitment and retention of team members. From location to price and access to transit, our panel will discuss the impacts of location in building a great place to work. The panel is representative of Denver’s growing technology industry and will include perspectives from a start-up, a satellite office and a publicly traded company. Each will provide a unique perspective on how they are using real estate in creative ways to shape their company and plan for future growth.


Jake Meier, CTO, Tendril

Grover Wray, President, Animus Advisors

John Raeder, Chairman of the Board, talentReef

Courtney Graham, VP of People Operations, Four Winds Interactive