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Thursday, Sep 27
2:00pm — 3:30pm
181 attending

Startup Cribs – Founders Reveal Space, Culture & Why Denver

6 Founders/CEO's Just Announced:

Baker Co-Founder and CPO David Champion
Apostrophe Co-Founder & CTO Kathy Keating
GoSpotCheck Co-Founder & CSO Samantha Holloway
SyncHR CEO Pam Glick
Meier Skis CEO Ted Eynon
Cherwell Co-Founder Tim Pfeifer

Startup Cribs Denver brings a diverse panel of 6 Founders/CEOs together to share spirited insight about space hurdles and victories, place, culture and why Denver on navigating the expanding 27M square foot Downtown Denver office real estate market. We invite you into each of the Founder’s Cribs through short films showcasing their space and culture – the Founders see their film for the first time at the session. Then join us for an audience-engaged town hall discussion with the Founders as they share their most personal experiences. Hosted by NKF, Knoll and Elements. StartupCribsDenver.com