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Thursday, Sep 27
8:00am — 9:30am
196 attending

All things ‘Talent’ for Small Business Owners

Description -
Finding and retaining great talent is one of the most expensive, time consuming and challenging issues facing small business owners. Yet, when you get it right, it can mean the difference between achieving success or not! Regardless of the size or state of your business, having the right people makes all of the difference. Join a number of experts in the talent acquisition field to learn helpful tips and the best practices when it comes to recruiting and retaining talent in the startup space. From this session, you can come away with the key insights needed to develop the recruiting and retention strategy that best fits your business needs. Be sure to come prepared with questions for our panel.

Panel -
Maryanne Caughey - Head of People - Gusto
Debbie Gunning - Talent Experience Manager - Xero
Brian Nishi - Director of Talent and Culture - GoSpotCheck