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Thursday, Sep 27
12:00pm — 1:30pm
Capital One Café
284 attending

The Case for Confidence: A Consumer Insights Perspective

Gaining customer confidence is key to successful market penetration. From popular concepts like the paradox of choice to easy recovery in usability testing, confidence (or lack of it) plays a central role in understanding how consumers relate to products and how we make and sell them. In this session we’ll explore how instilling confidence in consumers enabled the successful launches of popular brands like Zappos and Instagram, we’ll look to science to understand how the brain interprets and acts on confidence, and we’ll help you re-frame your biggest customer challenges in a confidence framework that will generate consumer insights to drive product design and delivery.

David Shaw, Ph.D.
Scott Webber, Ph.D.

Presenters David and Scott both earned PhD’s in Mass Communication from CU Boulder. Upon completing their degrees they turned our focus from qualitative investigation of media audiences and users to the study of consumers for product and service innovation. Over the past 15 years, they’ve worked with clients across industries to help them understand their customers and the unique challenges they face. After working with scores of clients and thousands of consumers over the years, they’ve come to identify “confidence” as a primary filter through which to gauge customer understanding and empathy.