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Thursday, Sep 28
12:00pm — 1:30pm
384 attending

Build an Epic Brand and Business, Simply By Being Better

E-commerce, which can turn anyone into a maker and retailer, has given rise to an innovative new class of entrepreneurs who are passionately committed to doing business better - more sustainably and ethically, more personally, and more authentically. These companies bring customers quality products with an inspiring story.

Typically, these e-commerce businesses don't invent a new product category – they just recognize there is a much better way to make and sell their goods that can revolutionize their entire industry. Think Yeti, Warby Parker, Tuft & Needle.

Here, we bring together rapidly growing e-commerce companies in Colorado whose success has been driven by (1) creating a better, more thoughtfully made product, (2) telling a unique and personal brand story and (3) building a cult-like following within their community.

Join us for a discussion on how to launch a successful e-commerce businesses that can compete with established players.

Questions we'll discuss include: How did you find a new, better way of making your product? What is your company's story? How do you invest customers in that story? What have you done to create such a die hard group of customers? Has your commitment to never compromising on how you make and sell your products impacted if and how you raise money for growth? How do you deal with the question of scale, and how to maintain what differentiates you as you invest in growth? Where are you going from here?

Potential companies we would bring together include:

Rep Your Water, a fishing and hunting gear company that connects customers to their personal passions and gives back to causes that matter.

Osmia Organics, a high performing skincare brand that offers nourishing and revitalizing products made with the purest ingredients.

Backbone Media, a Roaring Fork Valley agency representing some of the most successful new entrants into the outdoor and adventure industry.

Location TBA

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