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Thursday, Sep 28
10:00am — 11:30am
332 attending

Get Started! Launching and Selling Your Physical Products Online

Are you a maker trying to figure out how to get your product out to the world? Do you feel overwhelmed by the number of options? Amazon? Shopify? Is it easier just to wholesale it to other stores?

Come talk to people that have been through it! This panel discussion includes people who have succeeded at launching products through ecommerce, with a heavy focus on Q&A from the audience.

Learn how a CrossFit gym, a part time job, and a fortune cookie turned into a successful ecommerce store in a small Colorado town! Learn how someone who had zero product experience was able to successfully launch and succeed in a competitive category on Amazon! Learn how to leverage social media into a successful marketing strategy!

If you've ever wondered how to develop a product, target a niche, or market and sell your products online, we have the experience!

Ideal for New Makers or Solo-Entrepreneurs! We want to encourage new sellers to launch, delight people, and get sales!


Ian Sturgeon, President of Double Under Wonder - Canon City, CO
Ian launched his speed rope company from his home of Canon City, CO about 2 years ago. He sells using Shopify, and has a winning release and marketing method. He believes that successful launches have nothing to do with location and everything to do with taking action.

Jef Reisig, Founder of Rocky Mountain Copper Mugs - Denver, CO
Jef launched his Moscow Mule company on a whim in 2015, analysing the market was able to quickly release and escalate his design to the #1 new release in its category on Amazon. Jef has a strong belief that there are basic principles that can make a business sustaining through automation, and can address the challenges of a changing, competitive platform.

Justin Farr, Justin Farr Designs - Canon City, CO
Justin is a digital launch specialist and designer. He has helped several companies launch products Bolder Band, Meeple Shirts, and Hang Tite. He specialized in Front End development and design, and ECommerce Strategy including SEO and PPC advertising all to make sure websites do their job by bringing in new customers.

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