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Wednesday, Sep 27
9:00am — 10:00am
General Assembly (Classroom 1)
131 attending

Bridging The Tech Adoption Chasm Through Design - A Panel Discussion

The excitement of new technology has always been attractive to the media, innovators and early adopters. But not to the majority of us. Sales and marketing alone have been challenged in reducing barriers, providing value and making products and services attractive to the rest of us, the majority adopters.

That’s where Design comes in. Design at its core, is a method for solving problems, uncovering opportunities, and applying solutions. And even making things attractive. Design is a formal, thoughtful, and purposeful process used to understand people’s wants, needs and behaviors at a very deep and personal level. This understanding allows design to remove barriers and create bridges of thoughtful, purposeful, and meaningful experiences that provide genuine value people need from technology and companies need for high-volume opportunities.

Our panel will discuss their perspectives on how Design can and has helped the products and services they work on, bridge the tech adoption chasm!

The panel includes:

Kelly Byrom, Senior Director of Digital Experiences, Four Winds Interactive
Charles, Goran, UX Lead, Drive Mobile, Google
Keren Veksler Nimmo, VP of Product, Rachio
Kelley Poturalski, Product Designer, DCP Midstream
Travis Stiles, Lead UX Designer, Apto
Kim Wachtel, Senior Director of CX and Process Improvement, Four Winds Interactive