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Wednesday, Sep 20
1:30pm — 2:30pm
Developer Track- Park Central
452 attending

Unlocking Your Dream Job: Tips and Tricks from Recruiters

Are you currently employed but feeling stuck or undervalued? Perhaps you've recently experienced a layoff or are on the hunt for your very first engineering role?

If you're a junior to senior tech professional with dreams of advancing your career, join two seasoned local recruiters at Denver Start-Up Week. We invite you to an insightful presentation that will equip you with the skills to navigate the competitive tech job market and secure your dream job. And here's the great part – it's not exclusively for active job seekers; we've packed valuable insights for passive job seekers as well.

While we'll address topics specific to engineers, the majority of our insights will be beneficial to all tech professionals.

Key Topics We’ll Cover:

  • Crafting an Outstanding Resume and Optimizing Your LinkedIn Profile: Discover how to craft an impressive resume and supercharge your LinkedIn profile to capture the attention of prospective employers, whether you're actively job hunting or looking to maximize career opportunities.

  • How to Work with a Recruiter: Gain insights into the diverse world of recruiters, understanding their motivations, and how the recruitment process operates both internally and through agencies.

  • The Active Job Search: Navigate the job search landscape with precision. We'll cover where to find job openings, effective job search organization, networking strategies, and mastering the application and follow-up process.

  • Mastering the Interview: Learn how to prepare thoroughly for interviews, from tackling common questions to avoiding pitfalls. We'll delve into technical and behavioral interview techniques to boost your confidence and performance.

  • The Offer Stage: Proven Negotiation Techniques, Market Insight, and Risk Evaluation

  • Maximizing Career Opportunities: Elevate your career from entry-level to senior professional, with advice tailored to every stage of your journey.


Meet The Presenters:

Riley Scardina // Principal Recruiter
I moved to Denver from Upstate NY 11 years ago and haven’t looked back since! I’ve been a tech recruiter for nearly 10 years, six of which have been at Code Talent. My favorite aspect of being a full desk recruiter is driving individual and company growth but from behind the scenes, like a ninja. On weekends, I enjoy some hot wings!

Bret Smith // Principal Recruiter:
Husband. Baby Dad. Dog Dad. Cat Step-Dad… I’ve been working in tech for over a decade. After a successful early career in civil engineering, co-founding a tech start-up put me on a path that eventually led to tech recruiting. Why is this a great job? We work with fascinating companies. Plus - it's a great excuse to talk with incredibly bright people on a daily basis.


About Code Talent:
Code strives to be a true partner at the deepest levels with the Colorado entrepreneurial community. Code Talent specializes in Talent Acquisition for modern technology companies from early-stage / seed-funded start-ups, all the way up to $xB pre-IPO unicorns - and everything in between. We’re centrally located in Denver, CO, but have an extensive network locally and nationally. We strive to meet all of our local clients and talent in person and we hold interviews and meetings via video chat whenever possible. We’re proud of our community involvement, hyper-local market intelligence, and well-earned relationships. We take advantage of these actions to help our clients build the best teams possible. Read more: https://www.code-talent.com/

Bret Smith
Riley Scardina