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Wednesday, Sep 20
3:00pm — 3:30pm
Developer Track- Park Central
149 attending

Navigating Your Non Traditional Tech Journey

As students graduating from bootcamps and career transitioners pivoting from non-traditional backgrounds, many of us easily become discouraged and overwhelmed once our job hunt begins. Career services can sometimes make empty promises and overzealous claims of quick employment once these programs end. This was what I faced when I completed my first bootcamp in 2019. This talk aims to share some key priorities that emerging developers need to focus on at every stage of their learning journey, even beyond their first role.

Meet Your Speaker - Janackeh Blackwell:
Hello! I’m Janackeh (pronounced Jan-uh-kuh), a tech and diversity community builder in Denver Colorado! As a two time tech bootcamp graduate, I am passionate about helping other bootcamp grads and career transitioners find their path in the ever growing world of tech.