2023 Schedule

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Wednesday, Sep 20
10:30am — 11:30am
Developer Track- Park Central
365 attending

Building on ChatGPT: A beginner's coding workshop

Want to build on top of ChatGPT, but fear you don't have the technical skills? This workshop will be a coding tutorial for those with little to no coding experience. We'll cover basic concepts in NLP and use the OpenAI API to build a small app together. We'll also talk about promising ideas and startup directions in this space.

Setup instructions to be provided to attendees beforehand, and video tutorial to follow at home, if any information was missed. Every effort will be made to allow for accessibility, and encourage participation from traditionally underrepresented groups in tech.

Please find the setup instructions here:

Full instructions along with video will be provided after the workshop to attendees.

Meet your Speaker: Kaitlin Cort & Thomas Rawson

Kaitlin Cort is a software engineer and community organizer. They are the Managing Lead Instructor of Hack Reactor SJT, Galvanize's new part-time program, teaching students how to build AI-driven applications with TypeScript, React and Next.js. They are also the lead of Get it Girl, a Denver-based meetup group for women in entrepreneurship.

Thomas Rawson enjoys living life solving one problem at a time. He is a Software Engineering Immersive Resident with Hack Reactor and a proud member of the SJT team. When he is not coding, you can find him writing, reading or hiking – sometimes all three.