2023 Schedule

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Tuesday, Sep 19
3:00pm — 4:00pm
Developer Track- Park Central
247 attending

Negotiating with OpenAI

Need help negotiating your next startup acquisition? Or maybe you found that elusive ‘87 Toyota that is just way too overpriced? Look no further, we have you covered.

In this talk we will explore The Negotiator app, a server side rendered application written in Flask highlighting Open AI’s API and web components. We will explore the basics of Large Language Models (LLMs), and discuss the simplicity of a server side rendered application with the dynamic features of a single page app. You may even end up with a new friend to help you negotiate in the end!

Meet Your Speaker - Tyson Gern:
I am a cofounder and lead developer at Initial Capacity, a boutique software consultancy focused on improving the way software is made and improving the lives of people who create it.

Prior to Initial Capacity, I spent eight years with Pivotal Labs (acquired by VMware in 2020) building software for customers ranging from early stage startups to industry leading enterprises. I worked with customers to ship production software, build engineering teams, and enhance developer capabilities. I helped to build the award-winning Platform Acceleration Lab and to start the Pivotal Labs Dublin office.

My PhD in mathematics helps to shape how I think about software. Lately I've been writing Kotlin, Python, and Go, and I'm always looking to learn new things.