2023 Schedule

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Thursday, Sep 21
2:30pm — 3:00pm
Developer Track- Park Central
268 attending

Building an AI-Empowered Workforce: A Leader's Guide

This session offers a how-to guide for implementing AI across your company. There’s a boatload of hype around AI, so we’ll focus on demystifying some of the practical uses that bring short-term productivity. We’ll share how we did it, what hiccups we’ve run into, and considerations for finding real-world value for your teams.

  • What is your role as an Engineering Leader in AI - CAIO
  • Protect yourself and your coworkers from “AI shiny object syndrome”
  • Suggestions for integrating AI across departments
  • Some of the successes we’ve had
  • Considering AI in your product roadmap

Meet Your Speaker - JP Narowski:
JP’s first exposure to tech was destroying and rebuilding computers as a kid. That evolved into a deep passion for code, and a love for crafting applications that delight. Even after 15 years, he still wakes up thrilled to tackle the challenge of aligning engaging user experiences with real business ROI.