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Monday, Sep 18
10:30am — 11:30am
Founder Track- Polsinelli
171 attending

Colorado’s Privacy Frontier; A Roadmap for Startups to the CPA (Colorado Privacy Act)

The Colorado Privacy Act (CPA) is set to take effect in July 2023, bringing sweeping changes to how businesses and governments collect, use, and store personal data. This panel discussion brings together experts from start-ups, not-for-profits, corporations, and government to discuss the implications of the CPA on their respective sectors.

Our panelists will delve into the impact of the CPA on data collection and privacy policies, compliance requirements, and potential legal and financial risks. Attendees will gain a better understanding of what they need to do to prepare for the CPA, and how to navigate the new privacy landscape in Colorado. Privacy could be a barrier for financial growth, and navigating a patchwork of policies from around the United States can be costly if considered only after your product is market ready. Do you handle, process, collect consumer or HR data? Are you an organization that is part of a supply chain that services public sector contracts? You need to understand this.

Learn from experienced fellow tech professionals on how to develop a roadmap that is adequate for compliance and right-sized for your company.

Colorado State Senator Paul Lundeen
Kathleen McInerney, Founder, IG Strategies
Peter Cooper, Founder,
Elizabeth Harding, Privacy Lead , Polsinelli
Christopher Keeler, Senior Privacy Counsel, Marsh McLennan