2023 Schedule

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Wednesday, Sep 20
1:00pm — 2:00pm
Product Track- CBRE
253 attending

Growth focused not featured focused - beyond the backlog

Times are changing for tech. For years Product Managers have been told “you are the CEO of the product”, but REALLY you just write tickets for the backlog!

Join us to go beyond the backlog and learn more about growth oriented product management. This session will open with SaaS product leaders presenting skill areas they think PMs need to level up to become strategic and growth oriented. Then we’ll roll into a panel discussion on the topics and their experiences with revenue thinking, pricing/packaging analysis and deciding when to NOT build features.

Our amazing panel of SaaS Product Leaders:
Brian Walsh, SVP Product, GM Engage at Pendo
Sharayah Cook, Sr. Director Product at Billtrust
Adam Seubert, CPO/COO at ProductPlan
Jeremy Miller, Co-Founder/VP Product at Rabble AI

Jeremy Miller
Adam Seubert
Sharayah Cook
Josh Churlik