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Tuesday, Sep 19
1:00pm — 2:00pm
Product Track- CBRE
231 attending

Customer Alchemy: The Art of using CX strategy to deliver Product Success

During this session, you will hear from industry experts who have successfully bridged the gap between CX, marketing and products. They will share practical techniques, innovative approaches, and real-world (or Hollywood) examples that demonstrate how to uncover and leverage customer insights effectively.

Participants will gain valuable insights into various topics, including:

  1. Building customer personas: Discover how to create comprehensive customer profiles that capture their motivations, preferences, and pain points. Learn how to use these personas to inform marketing strategies and create personalized experiences.

  2. Journey mapping: Gain an understanding of the customer journey from awareness to purchase and beyond. Explore how to identify touchpoints where marketing efforts can enhance the customer experience and drive business value.

  3. Data-driven decision making: Learn how to collect and analyze customer data to uncover patterns, trends, and opportunities. Discover how to use this data to optimize marketing campaigns, refine product offerings, and continuously improve the customer experience.

  4. Collaboration and communication: Understand the importance of fostering collaboration between CX and marketing teams. Discover effective strategies for aligning goals, sharing insights, and implementing cohesive strategies that drive customer satisfaction and business growth.

Whether you're a startup founder, marketer, product manager, or customer experience enthusiast, this session will equip you with actionable insights and strategies to align CX and marketing efforts successfully. Don't miss this opportunity to decode customer desires and pave the way for product success!

Christy Oliver
Mitch McFarland