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Thursday, Sep 21
9:30am — 10:00am
Product Track- CBRE
391 attending

Your Product is a Story: Craft Stories that Inspire

Leading without authority is one of the most critical and challenging skills for a product manager to grasp. Telling a good story is the single best way to make this happen and get people moving in the right direction.

Everyone who interacts with your product - from users to stakeholders to the development team - is telling themselves a story about the product and how it fits into their lives or how they need it to work.

It’s good that they have these stories, but it’s critical that they’re matching the desired outcomes for your product and business.

I’m going to teach you a few frameworks to tell the story in a way that will drive alignment and let you control the narrative for your product.

Your product already is telling a story….are you sure it’s the right one?

Kyle is a former journalist and filmmaker with 9 years of experience building products that help startups become industry leaders. He is currently a Staff Product Manager at Homebound and previously worked on the member experience team at Guild Education.

Kyle Grant