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Monday, Sep 18
2:30pm — 3:30pm
330 attending

Product State of the Union with Local Product Management Leaders - Scott Williamson, Kelly Schaefer, Katie Holden, and Chandler Koglmeier, moderated by Aaron Duke

Join an expert panel of local Product Management Leaders tackle many topics relevant today and please - bring your questions! Keynote attendees should stick around for an informal happy hour outside the main stage prior to the DSW kickoff keynote.

About the panelists and moderator:

Kelly Schaefer leads the Language Applications product teams at Google Labs, building both entirely new AI products as well as AI-enabled features into Google's largest existing products. In a prior role, she led the Growth team for Google's productivity suite, including Gmail, Drive, Docs and many more. She also led the Enterprise product team at Stripe and was the P&L owner for Stripe's multi-billion dollar Payments area. Kelly has an entrepreneurial past as well: she's started a couple small companies, led product development teams at design firm IDEO, and led a division of a startup non-profit in South Africa. She's based in Boulder, Colorado with her husband and their two small humans.

Chandler Koglmeier (CK) is a company builder, technologist, and angel investor with a focus in early stage marketplaces. He currently leads product incubation and marketplace management at Guild where has been for the last 6 and a half years, helping millions of working adults access the learning they need to succeed in the workforce of tomorrow. Prior to Guild, he's worked in high-growth startup environments at Craftsy (acquired, 2017), PayGroup (IPO, 2018) and TripAdvisor (IPO, 2012). Chandler lives in Denver with his wife, Elyse and 5-year-old, Odin.

Katie Holden is a VP at Workday overseeing the Core Experience technology group. It's a global organization of 300 people spanning many functions including Product Management, Engineering, and DevOps. She is a generalist product leader with experience building teams and shipping products in large organizations like Workday, as well as high-growth startup environments like Boku for payments (IPO in Nov 2017) and Inkling for learning (acquired in Feb 2018).

Scott Williamson is a Product Advisor, helping B2B SaaS companies scale their products through periods of high growth. Most recently, Scott was Chief Product Officer for GitLab, where he led a team of 65 in Product Management, Product Operations, Growth, Pricing and Corporate Development functions. Prior to GitLab, Scott was VP of Product for SendGrid over a six year period, where helped lead the company to a successful IPO and $3B acquisition by Twilio.

Aaron Duke is a product management leader with over 20 years of diverse experience in product management and development. He sits on the leadership team of Colorado Product, a nonprofit organization focused on the professional development of Colorado’s product management community and professionals who help power the state’s thriving technology sector and startup ecosystem.

Aaron Duke
Scott Williamson
Katie Holden
Chandler Koglmeier
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