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Thursday, Sep 21
3:00pm — 3:30pm
Product Track- CBRE
154 attending

Building in public - pros and cons of public roadmaps

The product roadmap is often something closely guarded or shared in different versions for different stakeholders. This session covers why it can be beneficial to default to an open roadmap available to all stakeholders and the caveats for when you still should keep somethings to yourself. James and Holly have a few decades of experience with B2B, B2C and B2B2C roadmaps, stakeholders and customers to share with the Denver community because their kids are tired of hearing about it.

James Heimbuck and Holly Vezina have a collective ton of product management experience in varying industries and company sizes from single digit startups to multinational public companies. In every role they each managed a product backlog/roadmap for a team or teams with varying stakeholders both internal and external that required different modes and of communication and levels of transparency. James has an especially keen interest in this topic as a Principal Product Manager at GitLab with his team's entire backlog available on the internet for review and comment.

Holly Vezina
James Heimbuck