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Thursday, Sep 18
1:00pm — 2:30pm
Geotech Environmental Equipment, Inc.
78 attending

3D Printing for Manufacturing & Agile Hardware Design

3D printing technologies are advancing quickly. Now it is possible to 3D print “production-quality” parts that are smooth and tough enough for end-use in both metals and plastic.
Prototypes are obviously easier, faster and cheaper to produce with 3D printing but now short-run production and mass customization is efficient and affordable with “3D Production Printers.”
Hear from experts in 3D printing about how they are using 3D printing in manufacturing and agile product design. Learn from small businesses whose products exist only because of 3D printing and hear about their challenges and successes. And hear about different options for 3D printing service bureaus, 3D printers and software.

Bill Boland, President of Red Rocks Product Development
Bill has worked with Scan-based Design, 3D File Prep and 3D Printing for more than 15 years. With respect to prototyping, Bill understands the benefits and limitations of the various technologies ranging from ceramics, thermoplastics, UV plastic, nylon and direct metal.

Dave Hartsock, Director of Marketing and Development, 3DP Vision
3DP Vision’s goal is to create US jobs by manufacturing their products in the US with 3D production printing. 3DP Vision bought and installed the 1st ProX-500 Production Printer in the world from 3D Systems.

Tanya Alsip, Owner of CY3D Printing and Cyclopital3D
Cyclopital3D is a 5 year old company that manufactures more than 30 different niche products using 3D printers and export their products world-wide. CY3D Printing is the 1st service bureau in the world to offer production quality end-use parts using the ProX-500 from 3D Systems.