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Wednesday, Sep 17
1:00pm — 2:30pm
DU - Margery Reed Hall
171 attending

The future of digital manufacturing

Denver is seeing a number of new entrants in the digital fabrication marketplace and some are forward looking and integrating digital manufacturing techniques in to traditional CNC prototyping and production facilities. How will 3D printing, laser scanning and low cost CNC machining change Denver's manufacturing landscape?

There is tremendous news and hype around 3D printing. However these technologies have actually been around for several years and several Denver Startups have successfully built or grown companies with these technologies. Come hear the real world applications of new technology to manufacturing from 3 people who have been in the trenches implementing 3D printing to build businesses in Denver!

Andy Christensen - VP Personalized Surgery & Medical Devices at 3D Systems Corporation.
Andy is a pioneer in the application of additive manufacturing to real world products and a true Denver Entrepreneur. The company he founded and grew, Medical Modeling, was recently acquired by 3D Systems.

Precise Cast - Precise Cast is a Denver foundry that specializes in high precision castings and machining. They have successfully integrated additive fabrication into their existing processes to reduce lead times and costs for first items. Precise Cast Prototypes & Engineering, INC. was the winner of Colorado Companies to Watch last year and they continue to flurish

Charles Overy - LGM - LGM is the innovator in the application of additive fabrication to architectural visualization. Using its 3D printing technology, LGM is also a contract manufacturer for a variety of companies including Shapeways.

This panel has over 30 years of combined experience in real world applications across a variety of industries. We will begin with brief overview of the current state of additive manufacturing (3D printing) technologies, as well as other operations including machining. You will hear briefly from each expert and how they have implemented these technologies. We will then discuss the common challenges including moving from prototype to production, quality, material costs and ultimately what the future may hold.