2014 Schedule

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Thursday, Sep 18
11:00am — 12:30pm
Rocky Mountain Patent
138 attending

Turning intangibles, such as intellectual property, into collateral assets for manufacturing startups

The event will feature experts Jeff Schell, lead counsel of Rocky Mountain Patent and speaker at last year's Denver Startup Week, Matt Rasmusson, VP of Commercial Banking at Colorado Business Bank, Victor Dawson, Founder and President of Summit Group International, a global product sourcing company and and Dave Eyvazzadeh, a mechanical engineering and product development specialist SME at Rocky Mountain Patent.

The panel will discuss:
v The potential to ascribe credit/financing value to intangible assets
v SBA backing for loans based upon intangible assets
v The critical steps in product sourcing and manufacturing to bring the product to market
v When are you ready for large volume manufacturing? Early product development and small volume manufacturing strategies
v Overall strategies, tactics and opportunities for funding startups anticipating manufacturing operations