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Thursday, Sep 22
2:00pm — 3:00pm
People Track Venue - INDUSTRY Denver
46 attending

Culture As Strategy: Building the team to navigate the unknown

Many companies, new and established, strive to foster cultures of innovation. But asking your team to embrace the discomfort of the unknown requires a shared belief in the value of ambiguity. Easier said than done. COVIDCheck Colorado is a case study in taking a group of people with limited direct experience with a problem and working toward a solution, together. It is an example of riding a ship into the great unknown, scaling product, tech, and people rapidly to meet a community's growing need during the pandemic. In just over two years, CCC grew from an idea to a state-wide tech-enabled testing and vaccination platform with 1,500+ onsite staff, who administered more than 300,000 vaccines and 2 million COVID tests. Hear CCC entrepreneurs and partners discuss risk-taking, innovation, and scalable culture as a strategy to thrive in ambiguity.

  • Moderator: Eric Parrie, VP of Builds - Gary Community Ventures
  • Emily Baron, CPHO - COVIDCheck Colorado
  • Brian Hiatt, CTO - COVIDCheck Colorado
  • Becky Crowe, Former President and CEO of Clayton Early Learning
  • Terra Avila, Senior Regional Manager, Vaccines, COVIDCheck Colorado