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Thursday, Sep 22
10:00am — 11:00am
Maker Track Venue - Denver Place Conference Room
113 attending

COURAGEOUS IMAGINATION: Measuring, Mapping, and Making Real Innovative Workplace Strategies

As society continues to rethink the Future of Work and grapples with the Great Resignation, new levels of creativity and imagination will be required.

To catalyze data-informed action, an international network of cultural and data scientists, management researchers, entrepreneurs, and creatives has formed the University of Colorado Denver's Imaginator Academy and launched a national “Courageous Imagination Survey” to "crowdsource" the future of inclusive innovation at work by using evidence-based measurements from hope, trust, and belonging to curiosity, compassion, creativity, and wellbeing. The objective is to discern outcomes of improvement and opportunity in the workforce.

The Imaginator Academy dares to ask the courageous question: “What if everyone felt true belonging in the places we work?” The survey will result in a data collection that will be translated into a broad range of research and creative work to equip leaders with future-focused approaches for growth that harnesses the power of people, experiences, and creativity.

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