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Thursday, Sep 22
1:00pm — 2:00pm
60 attending

Does Innovation Help or Hurt Communities?

For a long time conventional wisdom was that innovation always leads to better companies and better communities, but today we see that there can be as many challenges as opportunities created.

Does it have to be that way?

-How can innovation help build more inclusive communities that benefit all stakeholders now and in the future?
-What kinds of innovation are most impactful to communities? What opportunities and potential pit falls do each have?(technology, fiscal, organizational)
-What topics are most impactful to communities in need today? (education, food security, water, safety)
-How do you balance innovation with the negative effects of gentrification?
-How do we empower communities to drive their own innovation?

Join former Denver City Council President Albus Brooks in a discussion with Santhosh Ramdoss, Chief Impact Officer of Gary Community Ventures; Mike Fogarty, CEO Choice Market; and Noha Kikhia, HelpKitchen a new endeavor by Jeff Lawson and Eric Ries.

Thank you to our sponsor, Gary Community Ventures.